About us

To the last years in the internet were created a lot of Crimean Tatar websites (here are links to the most of them). If you look trough them, you can find two peculiarities. Firstly, almost all these websites are in Russian or Turkish languages. On the most of them you can find only some part of material in Crimean Tatar. Secondly, the most part of material is dedicated to the last news, events, the political and economical life, but undeservedly, there are little material about Crimean Tatar culture.

We created this website in order to make up for a deficiency. It's called Alem-i Medeniye - "world of culture" in old Crimean Tatar. Here you can't find any politics, but you'll find many other things. For example, the first in the internet Crimean Tatar library, Russian-Crimean Tatar and Crimean Tatar-Russian dictionaries, the programm for Latin<>Cyrillic transliteration of Crimean Tatar texts, the matherial to help people learning the Crimean Tatar language, the gallery with photos of old Crimea. In future this site will be developing and supplementing with the new matherial. Please, If you have your own ideas and you would like to take part in developing the resource contact us.
Also we want our site to be the place of communication, common for Crimean Tatars of the ex-USSR and Crimean Tatar diaspora in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, the USA etc. For this there is a forum in this site.


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